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A TV bracket is one of the best ways to place your television at an angle so that everyone can enjoy watching it. Whether you put it in the family room, living room, or bedroom, a TV bracket can let you add a bigger television without compromising space and without imposing on the decor of your home. TV brackets keep your high definition television firmly and safely attached to your wall or ceiling, freeing up much-needed space in your home. Unlike using a stand or a table for your television, a TV bracket can add a new decor to your bare walls without cluttering up the room.

TV Bracket Designs

A TV bracket comes in two basic designs: a wall mount or a ceiling mount. Both have their own advantages in how your television is placed in your home for the best and most comfortable viewing angle. In addition to giving you a more convenient place to watch your TV, a TV bracket can help give your home interior a sophisticated modern look.

Planning is an essential factor before buying or attaching your TV bracket. First you need to decide where you plan to attach the accessories that will give you a comfortable viewing area, but will not cause it to look out of place. Since you will be mounting the TV bracket on your ceiling or wall, make sure that you are satisfied with the final location so you can avoid putting more holes in your precious wall than necessary. Using a TV bracket does require you to drill into your ceiling or walls, so you don't want to ruin the beauty of your home by having a bunch of excess holes to fix.

While you're deciding on the location for your TV bracket, it's also a good idea to determine in advance what features you might need to avoid problems later on. For instance, you may want to determine how far it can tilt in case you need to adjust it from time to time depending on your viewing angle. It is also important to know how much weight it can support and find out what additional accessories and functions it may have to make it worth your while.

If you are still looking for TV bracket to mount your LCD, Plasma, or DLP high-definition television, then be sure to look through the following TV bracket reviews. Here you will find several popular TV bracket models that are compatible with televisions from all of your favorite name brands including Sony, Vizio, Panasonic, and Samsung.

Saver Flat TV Wall Bracket For LCD Plasma 33"-50" - Black

This is the perfect LCD TV bracket for 33" to 50" television sets. It can support up to 50Kgs of weight with its standard VESA mounts from 200 to 700 for added safety to your LCD unit. One of the great qualities of this TV bracket is its design. It offers a close fit of 30mm from between the TV and your wall so it looks just like any other portrait when mounted. It also comes with a black finish that fits well with latest TV designs today.

Saver Tilting LCD TV Wall Bracket For 32"-47" -Black

The Saver Tilting LCD TV Bracket offers more in terms of its tilting range to help you get the best angle for a comfortable viewing experience. This LCD TV bracket is mounted with VESA 200 to 700 standards to keep it mounted firmly in place. This TV bracket will also keep your HDTV safe from potential dangers like kids or pets playing around when you are out of the room. It offers a upward and downward tilt of up to 15 degrees and can support up to 50Kg of weight with ease. This TV bracket model fits TV sizes from 32" to 47".

UMount Flat LCD TV Wall Mount Bracket For 14"-22" - Black

This TV bracket can easily accommodate LCD TVs from 14" to 22" and has a slim body which measures only 3/4 of an inch from your TV to your wall. In most cases, those who have tried out this TV bracket model for themselves found out that their LCD TV looks just like another portrait that fits well into the decor of any home theme.

The black finish compliments most the latest LCD TV models for sale today, so you need not worry about it looking out of place when the TV is mounted into place. Despite its slim design, this model is capable of easily holding up to 66 pounds of weight, so you can be sure that your precious LCD TV is safe and secure without any fear of it falling from its hinges. The only drawback to this TV bracket design is its fixed position. This LCD TV bracket doesn't offer any tilting features so your TV has to be kept in only one position.